1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Value

By | February 28, 2014
Silver Maple Leaf

Silver Maple Leaf

Use the calculator to figure out the melt value / price of the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, if you have a maple that is larger or smaller than 1 oz just adjust the form accordingly to instantly get the current melt value.

Thanks to the Royal Canadian Mint and the Canadian Government, the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is perhaps the most pure silver bullion coin available on the market today. With a .9999 purity, these coins have been designed to be the most recognized and most popular of all silver bullion coins. They also have micro-engraving on both the obverse and reverse to ensure authenticity. Because of these factors, the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins have indeed become an extremely popular way to own silver bullion.

With a face value of $5 Canadian and the .9999 pure silver assay, these coins have not only value from spot silver price but as a collectable as well. For investors and collectors alike, the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are available as singles, making the entry-level buy-in to silver investment affordable, but they’re also available in mint sealed boxes of 500 for bulk purchases. When issued, these coins have a price marginally higher than silver spot pricing. However, as time passes and their collectability factor comes into play, the 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins becomes more than just a silver bullion investment. It becomes a coin investment as well.

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