1oz American Silver Eagle Value

By | February 28, 2014
1oz American Silver Eagle

1oz American Silver Eagle

1oz American Silver Eagle

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The calculator included generates the current melt value for the 1oz American Silver Eagle, the overall value may be worth more but in terms of intrinsic value the value listed is current with todays silver market.

For those investing in silver, finding a way to easily handle silver in ounce quantities is important. For investors and collectors alike, one of the most popular ways to deal with silver bullion is to invest in 1oz American Silver Eagles. Not only are these one of the most popular silver bullion coins on the market today, but being issued by the U.S. Mint and with a face value (legal tender) value of $1, as a silver investment, these are hard to beat.

Not only are these coins .999 pure silver, but packaged singly, in tubes of 20 or in sealed mint cases of 500, they are a easy way to handle and store silver bullion. When issued, these coins sell for a slight premium over spot silver prices but due to their collectable nature, the 1oz American Silver Eagles can command a significantly higher price.

Recognized worldwide as perhaps the most popular silver bullion coin, the 1oz American Silver Eagles have become one of the highest, if not the highest mass-produced silver bullion coin when bid for and ask prices are issued. For collectors and investors alike, the 1oz American Silver Eagles are the silver bullion coin of choice.