1 oz Silver Krugerrand Value (Melt)

By | February 28, 2014
1 oz Silver Krugerrand

1 oz Silver Krugerrand

Whats the intrinisic or melt value of the 1 oz Silver Krugerrand? Currently it is $0.00 The collectable value would of course be higher. Change the form above to see historical values on the coin.

Much like the Gold South African Krugerrand, the 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand was designed as a way to easily handle and distinguish silver bullion. Since these do not have a face value, the true value of the coin is usually directly based on the silver spot price. However, certain years and certain mintages do come into play by adding value and rarity to the mix. Since the Krugerrand was originally introduced in the late 1960s and have become perhaps the most popular bullion coin available, the ​1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand, is also very easily recognized around the world as a standard for silver bullion handling.

With the face of Stefans Johannes Kruger on the obverse and the national symbol, the springbok, on the reverse, the recognition factor for the Krugerrand is universal. Made from 99.9% pure silver, the 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand not only has the quality and the recognition factor to make it popular, the 1 ounce size makes it easy to handle and to store as well. For collectors and investors alike, the 1 oz Silver South African Krugerrand should be a common commodity for any investment portfolio or coin collection.

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