1 OZ Johnson Matthey Silver Bar Value

By | February 27, 2014
1oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

1oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bars

As a seller of precious metal bars in the secondary markets, the Johnson Matthey Group is well known for the quality of their products. As an example, the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar is a well crafted silver bar made from .999 pure silver, the Johnson Matthley logo and designs and includes a unique identifying serial number. The serial number alone makes the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar easy to quantify and the other qualities simply speak to the quality that the Johnson Matthey Group puts into their products.

Not only does the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar denote quality, but packaged new in plastic prevents damage and retains the brilliance of the silver as well. Even though production of the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar was discontinued, making Johnson Matthey silver bars an in-demand product, a new minting by the Sunshine Mint has rekindled the desire and the demand for Johnson Matthey silver bars. While tied to spot silver pricing, the rarity and the collectability not only commands a higher purchase price as well as a higher resale price in the silver marketplace. For either the beginning investor or collector or for an investor or collector who wants to have the best, the 1 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar​ is a great way to go.

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